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Lexsis Ariel Henderson, BFA
Creative Director
Fashion Designer

L. Ariel Bridal by Lexsis Ariel Henderson is all about the juxtaposition of grace and power;

the constant conflict that lies at the core of every woman.

In September of 2011, Lexsis enrolled in the Fashion Design & Production program at Lasell College and minored in Psychology until junior year. Using her understanding about personality, perception, and cognitive processes; she incorporates these into her methods of design.


During her years at school she began a custom design business and after several months, the name “L. Ariel” was chosen from her first and middle names. She then launched her first ever ready-to-wear collection in December of 2013 thus beginning her fashion design career.


Presently, Lexsis specializes in hand-making all things bridal as well as prom dresses. She enjoys creating structured gowns and beautiful statement pieces that give a “wow” factor. The future of L. Ariel Bridal is to continue being an influential wedding dress designer, bringing to life the dress of your dreams, one stitch at a time.

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