Lexsis Ariel Henderson, BFA

Creative Director

Fashion Designer

L. Ariel by Lexsis Ariel Henderson is all about the juxtaposition of grace and power;

the constant conflict that lies at the core of every woman.


From a young age, Lexsis was a child who created a piece of art every chance she could. She would often envision and produce a picture of a woman in a new outfit. It was not until high school, however, that she realized fashion was the route especially paved for her.


She enrolled in the Fashion Design & Production program at Lasell College and minored in Psychology until junior year. She has a great understanding about personality, perception, and cognitive processes and incorporates these into her methods of design.


During her years at school, she was self-motivated to start a fashion design business where she designed ready-to-wear clothing. After several months, she chose the name “L. Ariel” from her first and middle names, and launched the ready-to-wear collection, “Feros” in December of 2013.


Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Production, Lexsis is ready to fulfill any fashion needs of the woman from concept to production. L. Ariel has a home studio and is dedicated to her clients, “bombshells”, from various parts of the country!


The mission is to help bring out the most confident, sexy and classy version of the “bombshell” all while giving back to the surrounding community. In the midst of divisive efforts, this fashion designer aspires to make a difference by inspiring women of all ages to be powerful yet graceful and classy females who can, in turn, nurture others to be and do the same. 




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